Commercial Services

Aluminum Trim

Keep your commercial kitchen or bathroom away from mold or mildew with the moisture-resistant Marlite FRP panels and toilet partitions at Repcold Distributors. Repcold offer many sizes and colors at a competetive cost.
Fiberglass Reinforced Panels (FRP)
Ideal for wet environments, our Marlite FRP panels meets USDA™ and FSIS™ requirements. Approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency™ and Agriculture Canada™, these can be simply sprayed and wiped cleaned. These are available in textured and smooth surfaces, providing ultimate durability and satisfying the most stringent demands.

Marlite Class III/C
Marlite FRP is water-resistant, economical to install and easy to maintain. We stock Marlite Class III/C in the following varieties:


• 4'x 8' • 4'x 9' • 4'x 10'

• 4'x 12'


• Almond
• Beige
• Gray
• Ivory

• Silver

• White 


Toilet Partitions
Restaurant owners and commercial property managers often need toilet partitions for customers who frequent their establishment. Ensuring a satisfactory experience in the restroom, we at Repcold Distributors also offer various toilet partitions including:

• Solid Plastic
• Plastic Laminate

• Baked Enamel

• Solid Phenolic

We offer only the best quality toilet partitions incluing Bradley Mills and Accutec Manufacturing. Both manufactures offer multiple standard colors, as well as custom or textured colors and patterns. Please contact us to learn more about turn around times, shipping, and installation for your project!



Restroom Accessories

We proudly supply and install many different restroom accessories including Bradley, Moen, Taymor and many more. There are many different series of accessories to match each project out there. We work with our leading vendors to provide our clients with the best prices we can offer.  Our sales representative is up to date on ADA standards and can help guide you through what accessories are mandatory in a public bathroom, at ease. We have many items consistantly in stock, including:

  • Grab Bars
  • Toilet Paper Dispenser
  • Paper Towel Dispenser
  • Waste Reeptacle
  • Soap Dispenser
  • Seat Cover Dispenser
  • Sanitary Napkin Disposal
  • Sanitary Vendor
  • Baby Changing Station
  • Hooks, Shelves & Custodial Accessories


Custom Framed Mirrors

At Repcold we only provide you with the best and fabricate every mirror, custom to your wall space. We offer standar J-Mold, beveled edges, or if you are wanting a more comteporary look we have many different Universal Arquati Frames for you to choose from.

Universal Arquati™ has been a leader in wood frames since 1960. They provide beautiful frames in every color, many different styles and patterns, and are very durable. Please feel free to contact us for further questions! 

Medicine Cabinets

There are many different types of medicine cabinets and we do our best to supply you with  high quality and long lasting brands, such as, Zaca Inc and Jensen Medicine Cabinets. We can custom make your mirror to match the medicine cabinet you pick out to complete your bathroom look.


Repcold is very pleased to offer both Salsbury commercial and residential mailboxes. Salsbury provides many different colors, styles and formations to ensure your project is completed just as it was invisioned.


We also off Salbury lockers in addition to mail boxes. Lockers are commonly used in gyms, hospitals and restaurants.  Our sales team can help you custom design your locker space to ensure fit, and cost efficiency.

Wire Shelving

Need more space and organization for your closet? We can provide you with wire shelving from Closetmaid or Organized Living. Wire shelving is ventilated, vinyl covered steal that is hevay duty. Depending on what your shelving will be used for, there is an option to add adjustable brackets to better suit your project. Contact us for more information.

Corner Gaurds

Coner Gaurds protect from damage and assist in keeping your facility looking newer, longer. Weather you're looking for a quick fix or preventative care, we've got you covered. Click Here to learn more about our corner gaurds.

Fire Safety

From surface mounted fire extinguishers in parking garages, to recessed cabinets in apartment complexes, we provide you with the best fire protection we can from JL Industries. You will find fire rated and certified extinguishers and cabinets at a very competative cost at Repcold Distributors. 


We currently have stock of restroom signage for women, men and unisex bathrooms. We supply and install all of Kroy Signs Sysytems including exit, fire extinguisher here, arrows and many more.

Please contact Jacqueline to learn more about the commercial services we offer!